The Cnidarian Way

YT, a jellyfish by trade, has been bobbing along in the ocean currents for three decades now, from Florida to the UK, Japan to New York. Today she enjoys the warm, wash of the Gulf Stream off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina.

Here YT reflects on living life the Cnidarian Way (adrift), compiles recipes for found object ceviche, muses on metamorphoses and notes all the bits and bobs that comprise a genuinely SLOW LIFE.

Day Three:

With Dr. Sister gone three whole days now we find that YT has eaten her way through all of the left-overs in the fridge.

Neighbors’ fridges have yet to be raided. Seeing as civilization has not yet fallen I’ll refrain from stealing their contents, but mark my words - the day will come.

And it will look like this.

Well, no, it won’t. I was looking for a clip of baby J.G. Ballard slurping up liqueur filled chocolates while scavenging through Japanese occupied Shanghai during WWII, but, well, this clip of Jim singing to the young kamikaze pilots through the fence of the Lunghua Internment Camp is what you get instead. (Full Discolure: I saw this movie in the theater as a child of 7 and I can still remember every scene. This explains a whole lot about latter day me.)

The point of all of this? I MADE FOOD TODAY.

Food 1: Yogurt

Food 2: Bread

I’d like to thank my good friend, Jed Bickman, for the bread recipe. He’s also a rather brilliant journo currently doing some work at The Nation. Follow him on Twitter or read his blog here. Most recently he’s interviewed on DietSoap’s podcast talking about Anti-Oedipus, Capitalism and Schizophrenia. ListenĀ here. It gets good around 6:30.

Kinda the opposite of me. I pretty much peak at 6:30pm each day. And then it’s downhill from there.

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