The Cnidarian Way

YT, a jellyfish by trade, has been bobbing along in the ocean currents for three decades now, from Florida to the UK, Japan to New York. Today she enjoys the warm, wash of the Gulf Stream off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina.

Here YT reflects on living life the Cnidarian Way (adrift), compiles recipes for found object ceviche, muses on metamorphoses and notes all the bits and bobs that comprise a genuinely SLOW LIFE.

This evening YT will dangle her tentacles over the sea wall and into the harbor at the exact point where the American Civil War kicked off. Behind her biologists from the Hollings Marine Lab will BBQ hot dogs (primarily veggie) and before her fireworks will blossom in the night sky above Ft Sumter.
As the pyrotechnics display begins YT will cue a playlist of beautiful music made entirely by non-Americans (almost unintentionally), the first song of which is available above.
Happy Bday, USA! Tomorrow we can discuss the repercussions of all the nasty contaminants that will drift down into your waterways and settle in your soil.

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