The Cnidarian Way

YT, a jellyfish by trade, has been bobbing along in the ocean currents for three decades now, from Florida to the UK, Japan to New York. Today she enjoys the warm, wash of the Gulf Stream off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina.

Here YT reflects on living life the Cnidarian Way (adrift), compiles recipes for found object ceviche, muses on metamorphoses and notes all the bits and bobs that comprise a genuinely SLOW LIFE.

Bobby Womack : Whatever Happened to the Times

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Real Estate : It’s Real - 

YT just had an oldztimers moment.

She clicked on the above video link thinking, “Wow, a reunion album? Hadn’t heard about that.” She watched, listened, contemplated.

Nope. Not a clever video with actors playing the band members. This is a NEW band. Full of NEW band members. 

And not, as she had mistakenly thought, that OLD band, Sunny Day Real Estate. Which, come to think of it, should have been obvious from the get go. YT is becoming stupid old people.

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Jacques Brel : Quand on a que l’amour (live 1958) 

For when life needs an orchestral upswell.

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YT <3 Adrien Merigeau 

In particular the wolf and his pond.

See more from Adrien here.

Oh, yeah, and the song is by Villagers : Celia and her Selfhood. Guess that’s important too.

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King Creosote & Jon Hopkins :

Though the full album’s a few months away, this Tiny Desk Concert preview will get YT through a drear and drizzly afternoon spent picking up discarded beer bottles in the back garden. It’s all about setting the right tone.

Oh, an recycling. Remember to recycle, kids. Otherwise you’re an asshole.

For more wonderfulness from this duo see previous blogpost here.

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Soldat II by Dode : 

YT feels her liquid bits go all porous when she sees her fellow inverts onscreen, doing their best to make the family cnidaria proud. Shout out to her loveliest of cousins - the carpet anenome - seen here blanketing the naked wonder of “human woman in the woods”.

Purty. That Stretch kid sure can make a nice piece of stop motion.

Oh, and that’s a wonderful moniker: Tobias Stretch.

Hey. Anyone need a new pen name? Nom de plume? Nickname? Alias? YT’s vote is to email this guy an ask him to dub you with one.

Anenomes! Chansons!

Chansons & Anenomes!

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James Blake - The Wilhelm Scream live BBC Sesh: 

Now that YT has worked herself into a froth over the injustice of the world and whatnot its time for her to set her day back on track with the soothing tones of “It Boy” James Blake.

One observation? -> Every decade or so advances in the realm of portable, sound effecting apparati result in an amazing upswing in the release of unironicly awesome EASY LISTENING MUSIC (though we prefer repeatingly renaming this musical branch (Glo-Fi, Chillwave, Blue Room) instead of cringing and just, well, admitting we love some mellow synth).

If for no other reason than this, YT is kinda happy to fiddle while the world burns.

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J Dilla - Last Donut of the Night

If you’re at home with no Saturday night plans… you’re welcome. The entries for the Stones Throw Records back catalog video contest will provide hours of entertainment for the lonely drunkard in their suburban box.

If you’re out, living life, and displaying the playlist on some sort of portable Apple device for the enjoyment of your many varied and interesting friends… likewise you’re welcome. (expletive deleted)

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When gravity exerts just too much pull on YT’s soft and spinelessness she pulls out Pynchon's latest, Inherent Vice, and lets the ocean waves and cannabis smoke waft over her.

Chapters can be read in any order. Not because the novel is nonlinear. As a noir, even a drug addled, psychedelic noir, our hero (stoner detective “Doc”) moves through time in only one determined direction. And that is forward. Whether or not the plot actually progresses or merely meanders is a whole other story.

YT is convinced that Crystal Antlers somehow got their hands on an advanced reading copy of Inherent Vice, passed it and a bong, around the studio, counterclockwise, until both were read aloud/cashed.

God bless.

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This evening YT will dangle her tentacles over the sea wall and into the harbor at the exact point where the American Civil War kicked off. Behind her biologists from the Hollings Marine Lab will BBQ hot dogs (primarily veggie) and before her fireworks will blossom in the night sky above Ft Sumter.
As the pyrotechnics display begins YT will cue a playlist of beautiful music made entirely by non-Americans (almost unintentionally), the first song of which is available above.
Happy Bday, USA! Tomorrow we can discuss the repercussions of all the nasty contaminants that will drift down into your waterways and settle in your soil.

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Puro Instinct feat. Ariel Pink - Stilyagi:

YT recently watch Twin Peaks from start to finish, first time viewing, in a haze of post-operative pain meds and narcoleptic fits.

Now the world just looks different to her. Brighter at Nighter. Starburst and haloed. With the echo turned all the way up and emoting dialed deep deep down.

Mostly it looks like this lovely vid from the ladies in Puro Instinct. She can’t remember if Mr. Pink made a cameo in her most recent opiate dreams, but she can’t NOT remember him either.

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F 6/24: Austin - BOAT PARTY KICKOFF w/prrrple
Sa 6/25: Houston @ Mangos/Avant Garden (403 Westheimer Road) w/Tense +
S 6/26: Lafayette - TBD
M 6/27: New Orleans @ Saint Bar (961 Saint Mary St) w/Halfy’s & Cigarette
T 6/28: Oxford @ Cats Purring Dude Ranch ( 49 County Road…


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King Creosote & Jon Hopkins - Bubble 

If YT had been asked what these two artists had in common a mere day ago she would have answered, “Uh, they’re both Anglos? They’re on the same record label? Air breathers?” and then returned to grumbling about how her low-salt saltines are still just too damned salty. 

Today, after seeing the video for KC & JH’s new collaboration* she can now more readily answer, “Uh, land and sea! Dog and fish! Line and light!” and continue to flick saltines into her backyard, trying just as hard to hit the sparrows gathered there as to feed them. 

*Their album, Diamond Mine, will come out next month on Domino Records. It’s a good bet that if you play it on repeat, speakers on your windowsill, within 48 hrs you’ll attract a small gathering of sensitive types interested in rubbing your sensitive bits.

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HIFANA’s Touring Tour (feat. Yohei Miyake from Inushiki)

Whilst YT whiles away her time in bed, tethered by a cast and a few titanium screws in her footsies, Hifana does the travelling for her - in the backpack of a breakdancing bunny. 

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Then the gods that favor unruly children and noisome, island hermits smiled down on YT, broken foot ‘n all.

Here, have Domino Radio for a week, starting June 6th. You can pretend these people, these interviewed voices, these music makers and their clips of made music… pretend they are your friends.

Until then, count the squee worthy names in this teaser vid.

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